Wine de-alcoholization

desalcoholizacion vinos

GRUPO ÉLIVO belongs to Mercantia Desarrollos Alimentarios S.L. and since its initiation as an R & D & I laboratory and innovation platform, it has been able to develop a multitude of customized products for clients all over the world.

The de-alcoholization is done by a self-developed method that combines evaporation at low temperature, recuperation of aromas through membrane techniques and cryogenization, resulting in a de-alcoholized wine with all the components of the starting wine except ethanol.

The de-alcoholization with low temperature allows to obtain two fractions; on the one hand, the de-alcoholized wine and, on the other, an alcoholic fraction rich in aromatic compounds.

The use of innovative membrane techniques allows to separate the alcoholic fraction into different components, recovering the wine’s aromas that can be reintroduced.

In addition, Mercantia works with separation techniques by cryogenization that allows to obtain high-end products, using its own technological method to obtain monovarietal de-alcoholized wines which maintain the organoleptic qualities of the grapes of origin.

Likewise, we obtain own molecules of vitivinicultural processes are obtained, such as aging in barrels in red wines or the maceration in lees of white wines that can be incorporated into the wine that is dealcoholized, achieving unique organoleptic qualities.

GRUPO ÉLIVO has a wide catalog of dealcoholized wines, but also offers its customers the possibility of “Making your VISION real”.

We manufacture any product derived from the de-alcoholized wine, in any desired format and with high-end finishes for the most demanding markets.