The selection of wines from grapes cultivated in granite terrain with strong drainage allows ÉLIVO to select grapes with a high concentration of silicates and polyphenols. The silicates are absorbed through the roots of the vine from the granite terrain and finally they are concentrated in OSTEO ZERO wine by ÉLIVO, with concentration levels of approximately 40mg/L. The high drainage capacity of the terrain causes water stress in the vine, which results in wines with a high concentration of polyphenols. The combination of silicates and polyphenols is a mixture which has been shown to be essential for healthy bones, according to ÉLIVO’s own studies and various publications of other research groups in prestigious scientific journals (Revista Biomaterials, número 25 , año 2004. Revista Am. J.Clin. Nutr., número 89, año 2009, among others). Definitively, this is the origin of OSTEO ZERO by ÉLIVO, a non-alcoholic wine which helps to promote healthy bones and to combat the risks of osteoporosis.

APPEARANCE. A red wine, with an intense deep cherry red colour. High-intensity lustre.

SMELL. Low-intensity aroma with black fruit sensations mixed with balsamic aromas.

MOUTH. In the mouth, it has a medium body with a notable acidity. Fruity, flavoursome and powerful, with tempered tannins.

PAIRING. It accompanies dishes such as paella well, along with spicy food, such as Arabic or Chinese dishes.