Life Extension

This wine helps to protect the body from the deterioration caused with the passing of years. The combination of resveratrol and melatonin, two molecules naturally found in wine, acts upon free radicals and genetic modulation through the stimulation of sirtuins. Added to the benefits associated with the consumption of LONGEVIA, you will enjoy the only non-alcoholic wine in the world produced from Merlot and Mencía grapes.

APPEARANCE. Full of colour, with garnet tones and ruby and cherry hues. Bright and clean, crystalline.

SMELL. High intensity, with notes of white flowers (jasmine, orange blossom and chamomile), along with red fruit and balsamic aromas. Very complex in a still glass, with a fresh sensation on the nose.

MOUTH. At first it is very sweet, with a smooth and creamy movement through the mouth. A structure with fine tannins and acidity. It has a lasting aftertaste, which shows a good retronasal with sweet and balsamic hints.

PAIRING. Especially recommended for Japanese dishes and pasta in sweet ‘n’ sour sauce. It greatly improves rice dishes without sauce and is the perfect companion for grilled meat.