VARIETY: Non-alcoholic wine made with Albariño (60%) y Airén (40%) grape varieties.

PRODUCTION: Following the ripening process in the vineyard allows us to choose the optimum harvest day in accordance with the condition of the grapes. The grapes are collected manually. In the winery, they are selected manually and are passed through the detemming machine. After the crushing process, the must
is cooled until a natural decanting process takes place. The must is transferred to the fermentation vats, where the temperature is controlled so that fermentation takes place at low temperatures. This enables the procurement of fresh persistent aromas, which are maintained during the dealcoholisation process.

Dealcoholisation is carried out using a pressure system at a low temperature, where high pressure and a temperature of 30ºC are combined in order to convert the ethanol into vapour. The vapours are removed with a gas extractor and the rest of the wine remains in liquid state, without the ethanol. Once it has been
dealcoholised, a part of the wine is aged for 6 months in French Oak barrels, with the wine lees in stainless steel vats. This combination contributes a smoothness in the mouth and a better perception of the varietal aromas, especially of the Albariño. The process continues with clarification and filtration, before carrying out the final coupage and bottling.

APPEARANCE: It is a bright, clean and luminous wine, which has a pale yellow colour with green tones.

SMELL: It presents an elegant balance between floral and fruit aromas, with aromas such as mango or melon standing out. Smoky notes and a grassy base can also be perceived. After a light aeration, the wine opens, releasing a burst of aromas which remind us of ripened fruit and different vegetal aromas.

TASTE: Structured, balanced and elegant in the mouth. Smooth passing through the mouth, leaving a sweetness with acidic and citric hints of orange peel. This wine presents an in-mouth density, which is well-combined with the freshness of a lasting and silky passing with a sustained finish. The aftertaste is replete with memories of ripened fruit.

PAIRING: Élivo Zero Zero Deluxe White is a wine created for consumption at home, to accompany everyday life. It can be ideally paired with daily meals, even the fast food of life nowadays. It can also be combined with an aperitif or can be enjoyed alone while waiting for a meal.
Serving temperature: 6-8ºC.


Non-alcoholic white wine, tannins and preservatives (E-220 y E-242).


Calories: 5 Kcal
Ethanol: 0%
Carbohydrates: 0.9 gr.
Fat: 0 gr.
Protein: 0 gr.


The product longevity is three years from the date of bottling.
Should be stored at room temperature and in sealed bottles.
Once opened, the product longevity is 3 days and should be kept refrigerated.


Kendo Wine Model Glass Bottle
Capacity: 75 cl. -Weight (incl. Contents): 1,450 g. -Total height: 320 mm.
Diameter: Base: 76 mm – Shoulder: 73 mm.- Height: 320mm.
Packaging: White cardboard boxes of 6 Units. Measurements: 32,5 x 23,5 x 16 cm.
Paletting: European Palette: 180 x 120 x 80 cm.
Palette content: 120 boxes of 6 Units (5 layers of 24 boxes)= 720 bottles
Container: Container 20”: 11 palettes / Container 40”: 24 palettes

TECHNICAL DATA (Chemical Analysis:)

Alcohol Content 0,0% Vol.
PH 3.29
Total acidity 3.23 g/L
Free sulphur 30 mg/L