The Champagne without alcohol

VARIETY: Non-alcoholic wine made from Chardonnay variety grapes.

PRODUCTION: This is an alcohol-free product that never disappoints due to its striking similarity to champagne or cava. The elaboration of this sparkling wine is carried out in three phases: the vinification of alcoholic Chardonnay wine, the dealcoholisation of the wine and the carbonation of the dealcoholised wine.

The finished product is the equivalent of a semi-dry, in terms of a cava. This same product is produced by different brands with different finishes: Brut, Brut Nature y Dulce.

The presentation of the product is that of the traditional bottle of champagne, however in this case, different brands have been developed with different finishes, for example, different colour and size bottles, natural and synthetic corks, and a wide range of labelling.

APPEARANCE: A yellow, straw-coloured wine. Clean and bright with a voluminous deployment of bubbles in long and numerous rosaries. On the side of the glass, tears can be found which points to a smoothness in the mouth.

SMELL: A clean aroma of medium intensity, with fruity notes of apple and citric fruits. A sweet and pleasant aroma.

TASTE: Smooth, light, easy to drink. Fresh, although slightly acidic. Balanced and smooth in its passage, leaving a retro-olfactory hint of nuts. Slightly stringent.


Non-alcoholic white wine, tannins and preservatives (E-220 y E-242), carbonic acid.


Calories: 10 Kcal
Ethanol: 0%
Carbohydrates: 1.1 gr.
Fat: 0 gr.
Protein: 0 gr.


The product longevity is three years from the date of bottling.
Should be stored at room temperature and in sealed bottles.
Once opened, the product longevity is 3 days and should be kept refrigerated.


Glass Bottle: Capacity: 75 cl -Weight(empty): 700g-(incl. Contents): 1,426g -Total Height: 300mm
Diameter: Base: 80 mm – Shoulder: 80mm – Neck: 28mm – Mouth: 18.5mm.
Packaging: White cardboard boxes of 6 Units. Measurements: 32.5 x 23.5 x 16 cm.
Paletting: European Palette: 180 x 120 x 80 cm.
Palette content: 95 boxes of 6 Units (5 layers of 19 boxes) 570 bottles
Container: Dry Container 20”: 11 palettes / Dry Container 40”: 24 palettes

TECHNICAL DATA (Chemical Analysis:)

Alcohol Content 0,0% Vol.
PH 2.98
Total acidity 0.24 g/L
Free sulphur 23 mg/L