VARIETY: Non-alcoholic wine made from chardonnay variety grapes.

PRODUCTION: Chardonnay grapes offer aromas and flavours characteristic of this variety, which are perfectly maintained after the dealcoholisation process. Because of this, we have chosen this variety for the elaboration of the
most economic non-alcoholic white wines. The ease of managing these grapes throughout the production process allows the production of a top-quality wine at a very competitive price.

Adega Baezza White is processed after dealcoholisation so that the resulting product is similar to other, more prestigious chardonnay wines. Its smoothness in the mouth, along with its intense aroma and a combination of sweet and acidic flavours make this product a strong contender in aperitifs and desserts..

APPEARANCE: A bright, straw-coloured yellow wine.

SMELL: Notes of exotic fruit, herbs and flowers, with well-defined primary aromas.

MOUTH: Sweet and fresh entry, with quite a lot of fruit. A silky palate with good persistence.

PAIRING: The best companion for a cocktail. Perfect with seafood, fish, starters and pâté.


Non-alcoholic white wine, tannins and preservatives (E-220 y E-242).


Calories: 9 Kcal
Ethanol: 0%
Carbohydrates: 1.5 gr.
Fat: 0 gr.
Protein: 0 gr.


The product longevity is three years from the date of bottling.
Should be stored at room temperature and in sealed bottles.
Once opened, the product longevity is 3 days and should be kept refrigerated.


Bordelesa Standard Model Glass Bottle
Capacity: 75 cl -Weight (incl. Contents): 1,260 g
Diameter: Base: 69 mm – Height: 295mm.
Packaging: White cardboard boxes of 6 Units. Measurements: 30 x 22 x 15.5 cm.
Paletting: European Palette: 180 x 120 x 80 cm.
Palette content: 120 boxes of 6 Units, 720 bottles
Container: Container 20”: 11 palettes / Container 40”: 24 palettes

TECHNICAL DATA (Chemical Analysis:)

Alcohol Content 0,0% Vol.
PH 3.25
Total acidity 3.32 g/L
Free sulphur 25 mg/L