VARIETY: Non-alcoholic wine made from merlot variety grapes.

PRODUCTION: The production of Adega Baezza is optimised to offer consumers a top-quality, non-alcoholic wine, at the best price in the world market. The wine is produced from the merlot grape, picked at optimum maturity and dealcoholised as a young wine, without undergoing the ageing process in barrels. Once it has been dealcoholised, it is processed to give it a pleasant finish for all palates. In order to do this, its passage through the mouth is smoothed, eliminating the excessive acidity and stringency,producing a slightly sweet product, with a very low acidity and subtle red fruit aromas.

APPEARANCE: Intense cherry red colour.

SMELL: A complex and compact nose, which successfully combines notes of dried fruits (raisins, tomato preserve and prunes) with cocoa, tobacco and cinnamon aromas.

MOUTH: A meaty and honeyed entry, with an agreeable taste of dried fruits, combined with the acidity of wine.

PAIRING: To accompany a selection of cheese before dessert, or bitter chocolate-based-desserts, or even as a long drink to go along with coffee.


Non-alcoholic red wine, tannins and preservatives (E-220 y E-242).


Calories: 14 Kcal
Ethanol: 0%
Carbohydrates: 1.4 gr.
Fat: 0 gr.
Protein: 0 gr.


The product longevity is three years from the date of bottling.
Should be stored at room temperature and in sealed bottles.
Once opened, the product longevity is 3 days and should be kept refrigerated.


Bordelesa Standard Model Glass Bottle
Capacity: 75 cl -Weight (incl. Contents): 1,260 g
Diameter: Base: 69 mm – Height: 295mm.
Packaging: White cardboard boxes of 6 Units. Measurements: 30 x 22 x 15.5cm.
Paletting: European Palette: 180 x 120 x 80 cm.
Palette content: 120 boxes of 6 Units, 720 bottles
Container: Container 20”: 11 palettes / Container 40”: 24 palettes

TECHNICAL DATA (Chemical Analysis:)

Alcohol Content 0,0% Vol.
PH 3.28
Total acidity 3.22 g/L
Free sulphur 25 mg/L