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Each product of GRUPO ÉLIVO has been designed and produced to cause pleasure and take care of your health. When you enjoy the NON ALCOHOLIC WINES of GRUPO ÉLIVO, pay attention to your senses and you will find the pleasure behind each one.

Elivo Zero Zero summarizes the essence of the most careful method of production: the manually selection of grapes, the elimination of ethanol, taking care that no other component is lost and bottling in conditions of maximum care, so that it can reach your glass as a natural product

Cardio Zero has been developed to enhance the healthy effect of wine, with grapes and processes that increase the phenolic content of the final product.

Adegga Baezza is a unique product, created from wines of the year, that, once dealcoholized, are left with a smooth passage that pleases all palates.

The Health Range is a new concept. They are products designed to improve various aspects of people’s health while enjoying a glass of wine.


GRUPO ÉLIVO belongs to the company Mercantia Desarrollos Alimentarios S.L. and since its initiation as an R & D & I laboratory and innovation platform, it has been able to develop a multitude of customized products for clients all over the world.

The de-alcoholization is done by a self-developed method that combines evaporation at low temperature, recuperation of aromas through membrane techniques and cryogenization, resulting in a de-alcoholized wine with all the components of the starting wine except ethanol.

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